• May 22, 2021 9:25 am
  • Quezon City
Natural & Unbleached Pure Bamboo Tissue
Tree-free tissue for a tree-filled world

Why BabebiBambu Premium Bamboo Tissue?

Because it is great for Papa, Mama, Baby and You!

✓ Free from harsh chemicals – No BPA. No de-inking chemicals. No alcohol. No formaldehyde. No plastic lamination. No chlorine. No bleaching agents. No dyes.

✓ 100% Bamboo

✓ So natural, it is food-safe!

Because you love your nose and your skin!

✓ Naturally antibacterial

✓ Naturally hypoallergenic

✓ Perfume and Fragrance-free

✓ Naturally skin and nose friendly

Because you love the trees, the animals that live on them and the environment!

✓ 100% Bamboo – FSC Certified source

✓ 100% Biodegradable

✓ Save the trees


3 ply | 100 pulls | 300 sheets

Sheet size: 180x153mm

Barcode: 0745125695129

Components: 100% Bamboo

Small Change, Big Impact. Join us in combating global deforestation.

Tree-free tissue for a tree-filled world!



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